Classic ASP Website Development

Website Development should not be confused with Website Design. In Website Development we take a design and make it funtional!

We can take your template and improve upon it and add on to it. We can install Polls, Contact Forms, Guestbooks, Photo Galleries, Newsletter Management System, and much more! Give us your new Template and your old Website code and we will make what was old new again!

If you have a Classic ASP website that just needs updating and/or fixing and can't afford to have it done in ASP.NET, we can update and secure your site at a reasonable cost. If you have an Access Database and need it converted to MS SQL we can do that too! If you have one of our Windows Plans or your site is on a Windows Server we are the place for you!

Classic ASP Application Development

Custom Applications

Need to build a review site from the ground up? Can't find the forum script that suits you? We can take your template or existing site and make one for you that is easy to use, secure, and cost-effective! We use HTML 5, JQuery, CSS3, Classic ASP, MSSQL, MySQL, MS Access on our Windows Server or yours. We vow to try hard to stay within your budget and will discuss your options first.

Custom Scripts

Forum, Poll, Photo Gallery or Calendar, we can build one that work's as you need it too and fit seamlessly into your website! Need to have new features added to your membership website at a good price? We can add profile pages or an in house private messaging system. tell us what you need and we will try our best to get you up and running.

Ready-Made Scripts

Through our sister site, ASP Junction, we offer a wide range of Ready-Made Scripts including Forum, Poll, Photo Gallery, Calendar/Scheduler, Newsletter Manager, and More! If all you need is something you can work with then we recommend you pay them a visist!

Some of our work

The examples below show a range of the work we do, from creating a custom site with some basic design to Updating and securing old code.

Shores of Hazeron

We built this Website from the ground up using HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, Classic ASP, and MSSQL. For the skin we kept the Jquery theme.


Birple - Review Site

This we were given a basic design and was asked to build it from the ground up complete with a secure admin section and user login.


Softbills For Sale

For this website we took the old, broken, and unsecure code then re-coded and secured it. We also added a few new features while we were at it.